Refit projects completed by Maritime Yacht Services (MYS) have been noted better than in its original new condition, justifying the commonly asked question, ‘Why should I refit over buying new?’

The condition of a well-used tender can be deemed ‘a write-off’, however with our skilled experts we can replace and recondition every element of a vessel to state of the art. Ultimately this saves considerable amounts of valuable funds that can be redirected elsewhere. Design changes are also possible if a vessel is not performing as required; our technical engineers and design team can identify and provide reliable solutions to ensure a more efficiently run tender.

MYS has access to first-class facilities, where the vessels are given the care and attention that you would expect. My dedicated teams specialise in the repair and refit of tenders, limousines, chase boats, RIBs and high-performance vessels. Offering a full range of services including, but not limited to: paint, structural and GRP repairs, respray, electronics, fixture and fittings, engineering and installation, teak decking and tube repair and replacement.

As end-service providers, we can help to facilitate your requirements. This prevents vessels from being sent to another firm and/or managed remotely; you will be communicating directly with me and a designated project manager on the ground. Thus, at any time you will know precisely at what stage the scheduled work commences, including weekly cost reports sent with photo records.

UK facilities and International project undertaken  

Insurance damage works 

Interior and exterior upgrades


Glazing replacement or refurbishment 

Paint and GRP repairs 


Does the boat need to go to the UK?

Although we are based in the UK, Sophie sends teams all around the world and have been for years. It’s important to work directly with owners, the captain and crew, as well as acting management companies, to establish the best solution for a client's requirements, which is what Sophie and her management team do.

Don’t rule out the UK though. A temporary import can be a cost-effective solution, particularly when utilising MYS’s local resources, first-class facilities and the shorter timeframe for the project. Using our trusted transporting agents, they can ship tenders from anywhere in the world back to Southampton in the UK. This allows us to streamline projects to work intensively on the vessels.

Should I be concerned with the length of time my tender is out of action?

Overall, projects have a reputation for escalating into often complex and costly affairs. I personally ensure that each stage runs as smoothly as possible, conducting pre-planning meetings to establish client expectations and specifications, which also limits the chance of delays and rising costs. We are aware that time-sensitive projects rely on the accurate estimation of task durations and substantial resources available.