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Discover the revolution of Gtechniq's Marine System

- an innovation that rejuvenates your vessel daily!

Preserving your vessel against the harsh elements has always been the secret to a lasting shine. Yet, conventional maintenance routines often rely on abrasive compounds and short-lived protection from waxes and sealants.


Maritime Management is dedicated to introducing boat owners to superior protection solutions. The Gtechniq Marine System undergoes the most rigorous testing in the coating industry. From real-world applications to scrutiny by leading research labs and marine equipment manufacturers, our products consistently outperform competitors by 200% to 300%.

Experience the difference firsthand with their video demonstration showcasing the self-drying and hydrophobic properties of Gtechniq's Marine System. Say farewell to outdated maintenance methods and embrace unmatched protection and brilliance for your vessel.

We can coat the following:

GRP and painted surfaces

Hot tub and Swimming Pools

Bathrooms and Galleys

Glass or bimini perspex

Stainless steel

Plastic trim

Interior seats and cushions

Teak renovation and coatings

C1 Crystal Lacquer and ExoV3 Pascoe Superyacht Tender

C1 Crystal Lacquer and ExoV3 Pascoe Superyacht Tender

The Technology Behind The Science.

Gtechniq intelligent surface science combines the latest in nanochemistry and supramolecular chemistry with rigorous real-world and laboratory testing. All Gtechniq products aim to hit a sweet spot in performance, ease of application, and price. We apply the same principle to our whole range of products.  Advances in silicon technology driven by a high global demand for faster and smaller processors have thrown up a wealth of new and innovative materials, offering a range of solutions that were never possible. Gtechniq has the experience, connections and motivation to bring to the market class-leading products proven to improve every aspect of surface care.

As a Boat Owner, Captain or Manager, you know that well-maintained and protected surfaces look better and mean considerable savings in ongoing maintenance.

However, making a well-informed choice isn’t easy. At Gtechniq, our fearless and relentless passion for innovation means we only bring to market products that deliver proven and significant performance gains over existing market leaders.

This means you won’t find us offering generic polymers, waxes and cleaners. Instead, you’ll find a comprehensive product range based on some seriously smart surface technology and up-to-date chemical engineering.


Gtechniq MarineSystem offers the following advantages over market-leading marine systems:  

  • Best UV protection

  • Best gloss and colour stability

  • Longest product life

  • Best stain resistance and self-cleaning

  • Best scuff resistance

  • Best waterline stain resistance

  • Best surface restoration

Below, you can find the various ranges of protection we offer, with options to suit every budget. However, we do advise that the greater the investment, the longer the protection will last.


Ceramic Base - forms a protective barrier that is extremely hard and exceptionally durable, making it very effective at preventing swirling and minor scratching from poor washing techniques.  With excellent gloss retention, the Ceramic Base becomes the functional surface of the gel coat. 

Ceramic Top - offers unparalleled dirt-repellency, gloss and surface slickness.  It has an exceptionally strong anti-static function that helps keep surfaces dust-free and contains a strong UV filter to help prevent premature fading.  Ceramic Top uses a permanent chemical bond to either bond directly to your boat's gel coat, topcoat, or a previously installed layer of Ceramic Base. 


Rinse-On Ceramic - is a fast and simple way to protect all your boat's gloss surfaces. The optically clear, non-yellowing and UV-repelling coating crosslinks to any surface such as gel coat, topcoat, glass, metal, ceramic or Plexiglass. The product is extremely versatile and can be applied to cool and hot surfaces. Rinse-On Ceramic can be used at every wash down with a single application listing up to 3 months.


Why Use Gtechniq Marine Glass & Plexiglass Coat?

Gtechniq Marine Glass & Plexiglass Coat greatly reduces the surface energy of glass and plexiglass surfaces, thereby making water form into tight droplets that readily roll off the surface. This improves visibility by quickly clearing these surfaces of water and leaving less water residue on the surface to dry out as water spots.


Why Use Gtechniq Marine Metal Restoration Polish?

Gtechniq Marine Metal Restoration Polish safely and easily restores deep lustre to any metal. It can be used on stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium, gold, silver and other precious metals.  Because it contains no ammonia, other harsh chemicals, or aggressive abrasives, the polish delivers an immaculate, blemish-free finish every time.

Why Use Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard?

L1 Leather Guard forms a durable abrasion-resistant matte finish that offers the best-ever protection against abrasion damage, UV rays, dye transfer, and other discolouration. With added BioCote® antimicrobial technology, treated surfaces will kill 99.9% of bacteria. Friction protection is particularly important on seat bolsters, piping, and other high-wear areas. The anti-stain function is most relevant for light-coloured leathers, which are typically stained by dark-coloured fabrics such as indigo jeans. L1 gives 3 to 12 months of durability depending on how high-wear the area protected is.

Myth buster

Many leather products market themselves on how they feed leather when, in fact, this is not needed. Modern automotive leather uses synthetic fat liquors which do not evaporate. Any product that is designed to feed leathers will not be absorbed by modern automotive leathers but, instead, remain on the surface, attracting dirt, which will then act as an abrasive foreshortening the leather finish.       

seat cushion

The Interior Cleaner - provides outstanding care and maintenance for the inside of your boat. The Marine Interior Cleaner consists of a water-based degreaser and surfactant that will remove dirt and grease from any surface. It also includes an additive that traps and absorbs odour-causing substances and an anti-bacterial agent that is a dirt-repellant. We use interior cleaner on any internal fabric, including leather, Alcantara, and man-made or natural fibres.


The Fabric Coat - is the perfect solution for cleaning boat fabric, providing excellent protection against mould, mildew, bacteria, microbes, and everyday stains. We use it for re-weatherproofing sails, weather clothing, and awnings, highlighting its versatility. The interior and fabric cleaners are essential for your boat maintenance and ensure that your vessel is in the best possible condition as you take to the water.

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