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Two generations of Superyacht tender manufacturers and refit specialists behind us


Maritime Management brings a rich legacy of expertise and a can-do spirit to every project. Their commitment to family values ensures that clients are their top priority, recognising that the vessel is more than just a possession—it's part of the family. Over the years, they have honed their standards to meet and exceed owners' expectations for refit and repair services. Trust them to guide you towards the best options tailored to your needs, ensuring your vessel performs impeccably and looks its absolute best.




Maritime Management is the all-in-one solution catering to both your tender and mothership needs. Our comprehensive services cover a wide spectrum of works, including:

  • Refit and maintenance

  • Bespoke projects, interior remodelling, and damage repair

  • Hot tub and internal glazing coatings

  • Glazing and upholstery refurbishment

  • Insurance works

  • Warranty services

  • After-sales and charter boat maintenance

  • White-label works for other commercial and management companies

With Maritime Management, you can trust them to handle every aspect of your vessel's care and enhancement, ready for your adventures on the water.


Services are supplied either on location or at MYS UK Refit and Repair Centre. 

  • Cosmetic repairs and gelcoat refurbishment, repairs

  • Partial GRP and wood rebuilds

  • Bespoke production builds undertaken 

  • Teak restoration and deck protection

  • Paintwork, specialist coatings and vinyl application

  • Engineering and rigging

  • Electronic installations

  • Osmosis treatment and prevention

  • Custom mouldings

  • Glazing refurbishment and replacement

  • Anti-fouling, copper coating and removal

  • Ceramic surface protection for hulls, superstructure and glass protection. Valeting from a basic clean to a premium polish

  • Eco coat upholstery on superyachts and tenders

  • Cover and rope replacement and cleaning

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