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Revitalise your busy charter or private yacht's hot tubs and pools with our on-yacht restoration service. Continuous use exposes these amenities to ultraviolet light, sand, suntan oil, corrosive chemicals, and temperature extremes, leading to the rapid degeneration of the gelcoat surface. Utilising cutting-edge techniques and materials, our specialized team ensures a complete surface restoration, returning your hot tub or pool to its pristine, as-new condition. All our work is backed by a 12-month warranty.

Experience a cost-effective solution to restore your pool or hot tub with minimal disruption. Our process involves the crew erecting a tent over the water feature and removing all hardware, such as jet nozzles, lighting, filter housings, and controls. Simultaneously, we organize the delivery of necessary materials in advance of our team's arrival.

Key features of our service:

  1. Preparation: Abrasion of all surfaces to ready the existing gelcoat.

  2. Laminate Application: Application of new laminate with vinylester resin.

  3. Gel Coat Application: Use a White Isopol gel coat as needed, adding colour to match the existing surface.

  4. Finishing Touch: Precise matching of intricate profiling and finish through progressive 3M wet and dry sanding up to 1,500 grit abrasion.

  5. Machine Polishing: Surfaces are machine-polished using a 3M fast-cut compound, and the residue is removed to prepare for the application of Ceramic Coatings.

In addition to our restoration services, we offer a cost-effective annual pre-season inspection and re-polishing service, ensuring your hot tub or pool consistently maintains its optimal condition. Trust us to keep your aquatic amenities in top shape.


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Ceramic Coating hot tubs on yachts have become popular among yacht owners seeking durability, longevity, and a high-gloss finish for their vessels. This innovative coating technology involves the application of a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with the hot tub's surface, creating a protective layer that is resistant to UV rays, saltwater corrosion, and harsh marine elements. The ceramic coating not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the hot tub but also acts as a shield against scratches and stains, ensuring a pristine look even in challenging maritime environments. Additionally, the hydrophobic properties of ceramic coatings make cleaning and maintenance a breeze, as water and contaminants bead up and roll off the surface effortlessly. Yacht enthusiasts appreciate the ease of upkeep and the prolonged life of their hot tubs, making ceramic coating a worthwhile investment for both the aesthetic and functional aspects of their seafaring lifestyle.
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