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SUPERYACHT GALLEY - Effortlessly Maintain Cleanliness and Sanitation

Bid farewell to harsh chemical cleaners as you unlock one of the most advantageous features of safeguarding your appliances, countertops, and more through the application of ceramic coating. Armed with just water and a mild detergent, you can harness all the cleaning and anti-bacterial benefits equivalent to the most potent household cleaning products. Each surface boasts a distinctive pore structure from marble and granite to wood and stainless steel. Ceramic coating adeptly fills these pores, creating a lustrous and hygienic surface that is a breeze to clean. 


Enhanced Defense and Longevity
Countertops, appliances, sinks, and other galley surfaces are susceptible to bacterial and fungal buildup and prone to scratches and stains. Fortunately, our base coat alone establishes a permanent shield with an impressive hardness rating of 9H.  This translates to protection against scratches induced by pots and pans. Moreover, the hydrophobic characteristics of ceramic coatings act as guardians for stone and wood surfaces, repelling everything from soda spills to notorious red wine stains. Witness liquids bead up and roll off the protected areas effortlessly, resulting in minimal cleanup efforts.

Stainless steel, with its unique challenges, finds relief in ceramic coating. The very act of cleaning stainless steel can cause scratches, but with ceramic coating, you can bid farewell to concerns about inadvertently dulling these surfaces. Your stainless steel appliances, sinks, hoods, and more will regain a brand-new appearance and remain shielded for an extended period. As the heart of your yacht, your galley deserves to be stronger for longer.


Achieving a spotless head and en-suite involves more than just surface-level cleaning. Stubborn mineral deposits, soap scum, and water spots can persist, leaving your head and en-suite with a dull and dirty appearance. Unlike the galley, the steam generated during showers can contribute to damage and buildup, infiltrating every nook and cranny, particularly in the absence of proper ventilation. The challenge intensifies for those with hard water as the issue compounds more rapidly.

Enter ceramic coating—an effective solution that virtually eradicates these problems on any surface it touches. With ceramic coating, you can use a mild cleaning solution to tackle the most tenacious buildups and stubborn residues from toothpaste, shaving cream, and other personal care products effortlessly wipe away.

Harnessing the hydrophobic properties of ceramic coating ensures that everything beads up and effortlessly runs off, preserving the pristine appearance of your glass shower doors, tiles, faucet fixtures, and more. Extend this protective shield to windows and cabinets, and your entire bathroom becomes a breeze to clean and maintain, always appearing as if brand new. Enjoy a fresh and inviting bathroom with the transformative benefits of ceramic coating.

In summary, the application of ceramic coating to showers and glass surfaces not only streamlines cleaning routines but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and maintenance of the heads and en-suite environment.


As an additional service, we offer a cost-effective alternative to glass replacements. Allow our team of experts to repair your scratched glass, restoring it to its original condition. We possess the expertise to eliminate various imperfections, including scratches, watermarks, stains, welder slag, and blemishes from glass of any size. Whether dealing with acid etching and graffiti damage on commercial storefronts or challenging water stains on shower doors, we've got you covered. We specialise in glass restoration and are committed to transforming your glass back to its new and pristine state. Don't settle for blemished glass.


The elements, including UV rays, weather, hard water, and more, can not only diminish the allure of your outdoor furniture but also accelerate their wear and tear. Fear not, as ceramic coating emerges as the ultimate protective shield, boasting an impressive temperature range from around -50°F to 1,300°F!

This means even the scorching heat of African summers is no match for the resilience of ceramic-coated surfaces.

Extend the premium protection of ceramic coating to almost all your outdoor areas and items, mirroring the benefits it imparts to interior surfaces.

BBQs, Bars, and Fire Pits High-traffic zones like outdoor galleys, deck bars, fire pits, and dining areas often endure more than just the forces of nature. Entertain your guests without the worry of cumbersome cleanup processes. Outdoor deck bars and cooking spaces can reap the same advantages as the ceramic-coated surfaces found in your indoor galley—enduring protection and effortless cleaning. This also holds true for outdoor tables, chairs, and fire pits. The remarkable temperature resistance of ceramic coating ensures that all treated surfaces remain fully shielded, regardless of the outdoor conditions. Transform your outdoor spaces into inviting havens with ceramic protection's long-lasting beauty and simplicity.



Key Advantages:

Ceramic Coating for Superyachts offers unparalleled protection, safeguarding surfaces from UV fading. Whether applied to vessels afloat or dry-docked during new builds or refits, our ceramic coatings provide a 100% repellent (hydrophobic) shield. This reduces exhaust soot, watermarks, and salt buildup, minimising cleaning time and consumable costs. The ceramic-coated superstructure or hull can maintain a high gloss finish for up to 3 years, extending the life of new-build gel coats and painted surfaces.

Why Opt for Ceramic Protection?

Superyachts moored for extended periods face UV damage, which attacks gel coats and painted surfaces and can prematurely age a vessel. The ceramic coating offers 100% surface protection, enhancing clarity and depth and preventing colour fading. Ideal for large hull sides and superstructures, our service provides a seamless experience for Superyacht owners and captains in the UK, Europe, and worldwide.


Seamless Service:

From the initial call, we guide Superyacht owners through the process of ceramic coating. Our team assesses and gathers all necessary information, ensuring a seamless and proactive service. As leaders in ceramic protection for the Superyacht industry, we offer aftercare packages and standard warranties. Consider our annual top-up package for year-round protection.




Superyacht Locations:

We extend our ceramic coating services to Superyachts and their tenders in the UK, Europe and worldwide, catering to new builds and vessels undergoing refits. Our team ensures efficient service, providing unparalleled protection for Superyachts.


Boat Ceramic Coating:

We specialise in applying advanced ceramic coatings for hulls and superstructures on boats and yachts, designed for long-lasting protection against marine elements. Our coating creates a durable shield, offering 100% protection above the waterline, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Benefits of Ceramic Boat Coating:

  • Superior high gloss finish, exceeding factory standards.

  • Protection against harsh marine conditions.

  • A long-lasting solution is resistant to washing away.

  • Withstands scuffing and minor scratches.

  • Preserves the appearance and performance of vessels.


Ceramic Coating Process:

Our ceramic coating is applied in layers, starting with a penetrating foundation that builds a protective layer, sealing the surface against UV fading. The self-cleaning properties reduce surface tension, preventing common fouling like waterline algae. The versatile 9H ceramic coating adapts to hull flexing without cracking or flaking. It can be applied to all surfaces, including upholstery and soft furnishings.

Efficiency Below the Waterline:

Ceramic coating creates a passive air cavity below the waterline, reducing surface tension and drag on the hull. This increases speeds with lower RPMs, resulting in significant fuel economy savings. The versatility and flexibility of ceramic coating ensure comprehensive protection for every surface on your vessel, keeping it in pristine condition for years to come.

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