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Experience excellence in superyacht and tender refurbishments with Maritime Management, the powerhouse behind Maritime Yacht Services' renowned refit and repair department. Our track record speaks for itself: refit projects completed by Maritime Management surpass their original new condition, sparking the inevitable question, 'Why refit instead of buying new?'

A tender deemed a 'write-off' due to wear and tear finds new life in our skilled hands. Every element of your vessel undergoes meticulous replacement and reconditioning, transforming it into a state-of-the-art marvel. This revitalises your tender and saves substantial funds, which can be reinvested elsewhere. Need design changes? Our technical engineers and design team are at your service, offering reliable solutions for optimal performance.

Maritime Management boasts access to top-tier facilities, ensuring your vessels receive the utmost care and attention. Our dedicated teams specialise in repairing and refitting a wide array of vessels, from tenders and limousines to chase boats and high-performance vessels. Our comprehensive services include paint, structural and GRP repairs, electronics, engineering, teak decking, and more.

As your end-service providers, we streamline the process, eliminating the need to involve multiple firms or manage projects remotely. You'll have direct communication with me and a designated project manager, ensuring transparency at every stage. Receive weekly cost reports accompanied by photo records, keeping you informed and in control throughout the entire journey. With Maritime Management, your vision for your vessel becomes a reality, exceeding expectations at every turn.

UK facilities and International projects 

Refit and refurbishment

Insurance damage works 

Interior and exterior upgrades


Paint spraying department 

Glazing replacement or refurbishment 

Paint and GRP repairs 

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Does the boat need to go to the UK?

While Maritime Management's HQ is in the UK, their teams are global. "Direct collaboration with owners, captains, crews, and management companies is paramount," Sophie (CEO) emphasises, "to tailor the perfect solution for our clients." But don't dismiss the UK just yet. Sophie highlights the benefits of temporary import, leveraging Maritime Management's local expertise, top-notch facilities, and expedited project timelines. With our trusted logistic agents, we seamlessly bring tenders from anywhere worldwide to Southampton, UK, where we can efficiently tackle intensive vessel projects.


Worried about downtime for your tender?

Projects can quickly spiral into costly and intricate endeavours. At Maritime Management, we're dedicated to keeping things on track. We meticulously plan each stage, holding pre-planning meetings to set clear client expectations and specifications. This proactive approach minimises delays and prevents costs from skyrocketing. Sophie and her team understand the importance of accurate task estimation and having ample resources on hand for time-sensitive projects. With Maritime Management, your tender's downtime is kept to a minimum, ensuring efficient progress and cost-effectiveness every step of the way.

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