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A faded surface on a yacht or boat raises the question - polish, paint or wrap?

Traditional polishes give good results in the short term, but as they are destructive, this can only be repeated a few more times before the paint or gel coat fails permanently. Paint is ideal, but it is costly and time-consuming.

Using Gtechniq's P1 Nano Composite Polish, your boat will look like it has never seen the light of day. In addition to a 'new look' finish, it offers minimal disruption to the boat's existing paintwork and none of the problems of current-generation polish and protect systems.

The unique formula of P1, designed initially by Gtechniq as a marine polish, delivers the following:
• Outstanding deep gloss on Awlgrip® and gel coats
• An unrivalled mirror finish
• Up to 80% less paint removed from a surface than conventional polishes
• A hologram and swirl-free finish

P1 Nano Composite Polish
Conventional Marine Polish


  When tested against leading hand polishes, P1 outperforms other products, P1 does not use fillers, and your yacht’s new finish, which used to take a lot of elbow grease, will not deteriorate. Capable of removing light oxidation and providing an unrivalled shine. Once finished, why not protect your newly buffed surface with either of our protective solutions, C1 Crystal Lacquer or Crystal Serum Ceramic Coating? Includes pre-clean of the vessel.

Hand Polish


     Our P1 Nanocomposite Polish combined with a rotary polishing machine, offers better results than ever using less product and fewer stages than traditional polishing systems on both GRP and marine paint.  Furthermore, P1 only removes damaged GRP or paint molecules and as such will not compromise the durability of

your yacht's finish that would be typically caused by harsh polishing compounds.


Superstructure from £18.50/ft 

Hull and Transom From £12.50/ft


Removal of all fixings, to ensure a flawless finish, pre-wash of surfaces.


Machine Polish
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